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The Zero-Point Universe
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The Zero-Point Universe
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Finally The Zero-Point Universe, the long awaited, at least by me, follow-up to the The New Physics has been released and is available for sale on for Kindle readers. In this book I re-examine each force theory and psuedoforces from the perspective that forces must be transmitted by and through the zero-point field, interacting point-to-point from zero-point energy vacuum fluctuation to vacuum fluctuation, or as I have come to call them "Zeptons."

Along the way I discovered more evidence to support the Matter Force and Electro-Matter Force theories in my first book and adding many new ideas. In The Zero-Point Universe you will find the following new zero-point energy related concepts:

The Mass of the proton and electron is due to the vacuum energy excluded by their quasi-spherical shell structure.

The Nuclear force is due to Casimir and other van der Waals forces.

Beta decay is similar to Hawking Radiation in that a virtual electron-positron pair can interact with a neutron, annihilating the electron component of the neutron with the virtual positron, leaving teh once virtual electron free.  Electron orbital transitions and probabalistic clouds are also due to the same Hawking Radiation like mechanism, mediated by zero-point energy.

The most likely geometric shape for protons and electrons is the rhombic tricontahedron as it is electrically stable when composed of 12 outer charges and 20 opposite inner charges.  It can form two complimentary forms that are stable near identical forms, but annihilate when combined with teh opposite forms.

Gravity is a long-range van der Waals due to the reuplsive force which is always present when electron-like electric and matter dipoles interact with proton-like electric and matter dipoles. The zero-point field produces a constant pressure that is behind all 1/r2 forces.

The Electro-Matter Force is the only force.

Note: A second edition of The New Physics is being prepared in order to address differnces between it and The Zero-Point Universe.